Voicing CSA Brighton & Hove

Voicing CSA was in the district of Brighton & Hove on the 21st April 2018. There was a diversity of subjects spoken about and a great deal of support from survivors and professionals alike. The meeting was opened by the Chair Phillip Lafferty who spoke about Telford and their forthcoming meeting in Telford on the 19th May 2018 and the announcement of a new Director for Voicing CSA.

Phil Voicing CSA Chair from Voicing CSA on Vimeo.

Chris Harper, Patron of Voicing CSA talked about what it is like being Patron for an organisation like ours and the impact it has had on his work

Chris Harper VCSA Patron from Voicing CSA on Vimeo.

Jonathan Clark joined us with his continuing support of Voicing CSA and talks about the life long impact of CSA and the empowerment of speaking out and sharing his past in the hope that it will help others to speak out because it is our past as survivors that can help the future.

Jonathan Clark CSA Survivor from Voicing CSA on Vimeo.

Chris Tuck survivor, author, founder of Survivors Of aBuse (S.O.B.). VSCP of the Independent Inquiry into Childhood Sexual Abuse and Ambassador for VCSA talks about empowerment through education. Chris has made her book available for free by contacting her organisation.

Chris Tuck S.O.B. Founder from Voicing CSA on Vimeo.

Phil Lafferty discusses the award winning mouse animation and thanks Chris Harper for funding the project and the hopes for funding for Voicing CSA since this was first aired we have been notified that aside from winning Best Charity short film The Mouse has been entered into film festivals on an ever increasing International stage.

Phil VCSA Chair from Voicing CSA on Vimeo.

Sabah is a 43 year old survivor of CSA born in Bristol and now residing in Brighton. Sabah survived sexual abuse from within her Muslim Pakistani family. Her courage in speaking out we hope will encourage others to speak out from all tight knit communities.

Sabah Kaiser CSE Survivor from Voicing CSA on Vimeo.

Jon Wedger is a former detective and whistleblower here Jon discusses the response from the Met over allegations of an organised child prostitution ring in London. Jon Discusses the deliberate and aggressive cover up of child prostitution in London. He was threatened with the loss of his home, children and job if he continued to speak out. At Voicing CSA in Brighton Jon, in his own words, spoke out about the cover ups and his life after turning whistle blower.

Jon Wedger Police Whistleblower from Voicing CSA on Vimeo.

After lunch Jon Wedger gave us further insight into the child prostitution in London.

Jon Wedger Part 2 from Voicing CSA on Vimeo.

Phil Lafferty raises his concern that we should be discussing organised paedophile networks as opposed to isolated grooming gangs.

Phil Lafferty VCSA from Voicing CSA on Vimeo.

Dr Donna Peach is a lecturer in social work and critical psychology and has led several investigations into CSA. Donna discusses child trafficking in the U.K., Telford, traumatised communities and how to include people into the conversations.

Dr Donna Peach from Voicing CSA on Vimeo.

Last but by no means least, Pauline Sharp is a survivor of childhood ritual abuse and talks about the long road of recovery, the effects of abuse on her from childhood and the long road to recovery. Pauline is joined by Jo Kingsbury who speaks of her work colleague Pauline and her bravery and reads a poem she wrote for Pauline. If you would like to support Pauline and Jo on their trek across the Great Wall of China.

Pauline Sharp – Survivor from Voicing CSA on Vimeo.

if you wish to support Pauline and Jo in their endeavour of walking a section of the Great Wall then you can do so by following this link https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Pauline-Sharp1

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