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Chair of Voicing CSA discusses the way forward for the Telford Inquiry into Childhood Sexual Abuse and Exploitation and about getting it right he also shows #TheMouse which always surprises him and how it stuns the room into silence.

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Chris Harper shares his thoughts and hopes for what Voicing CSA and other organisations can do to make change and gives testament to the bravery of survivors in speaking out and supporting each other. He adds his voice and concerns for Telford getting their Inquiry right and to move forward in the fight against all abuse.

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Chris Tuck is the Founder and CEO of S.O.B. (Survivors Of aBuse) and a member of the Victim and Survivor Consultative Panel (VSCP) for the Independent Inquiry into Childhood Sexual Abuse. Chris discussed all thing CSA and about how after CSA the body can destroy itself through the trauma and related illnesses and also shared her experience and advice about how Telford and Wrekin can truly help survivors of CSA and CSE in the area.

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Whilst Dr Donna Peach was unable to make the meeting in Telford due to being invited to speak in the USA. Donna was asked to do a pre-record ahead of the meeting as it was felt it was important for Donna’s voice to be heard in Telford as she is trusted by survivors across the UK, so instead of sharing a room recording of a recording we have added the recording produced by Donna

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Mandy Sanghera speaks on an international level about many issues and joins us today to discuss child sexual abuse and exploitation. Mandy is a keen supporter of Voicing CSA and we welcome her wisdom and knowledge in the field

Mandy Sanghera VCSA Telford from Voicing CSA on Vimeo.

Danny Wolstencroft is a panel member of the Victim and Survivors Consultation Panel which is part of the Independent Inquiry into Childhood Sexual Abuse 9IICSA) and heads Shatterboys UK which helps male survivors of child. Here Danny talks about the consequences of sexual abuse in his childhood and how he survived. Also how he began his path of recovery and supporting others and working towards a way forward for the future.
As a result of the meeting in Telford Danny has been approached by a number of people all seeking support as have a number of speakers at the event which shows the value of attending a Voicing CSA meeting, especially by those who feel isolated and alone.

Danny Wolstencroft VSCP Telford from Voicing CSA on Vimeo.

Mandy Coupland has recently accepted a Director role at Voicing CSA and here as a new Director Mandy discusses how things have been done in Nottingham and pays tribute to the work of David Hollas who has worked tirelessly for survivors in Nottingham. Mandy threw down a challenge to get councillors to come to a meeting in Nottingham and that has been accepted.

Mandy Coupland VCSA Telford from Voicing CSA on Vimeo.

Lee Williams discusses how through peaceful protest football supporters unite across teams to raise awareness on issues such as childhood sexual abuse.

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Tanya has been involved with Voicing CSA for a couple of years now and shares what happened to her and her sister in childhood and the long road of recovery and eventual conviction of their abuser. Tanya also spoke about the support she has felt from Voicing CSA and attending our meetings to the extent that there is now a Voicing CSA Telford group set up and is helping others in the area. We have been truly humbled by the influence that Voicing CSA have had in the area and will continue to work with Tanya and others across all aspects of sexual abuse in childhood.

Days after speaking about her recovery Tanya was hit by another blow and has been diagnosed with breast cancer. To have spoken at the meeting with the knowledge of this in the background shows the remarkable strength of a woman who has overcome so much and continues to have our support on her journey to recovery. A heroine and a sister, much respect to this remarkable lady.

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Theresa Murray is from One Voice Against Abuse and discusses the work her organisation does and has a strong message about the difference between Victim, Survivor and Thriver in regard to Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Councillor Nicola Lowery of Telford and Wrekin Council gives the first response to Voicing CSA and the impact that the day has had on her and other councillors present and understands the need foR Telford and Wrekin Council to get the Inquiry right for survivors of Child Sexual Exploitation AND Abuse. Voicing CSA reiterates that the need for the chamber to elect an Independent Chair is imperative. This is what was voted for and this is what should be done without delay and then the Council should step away from their Indfependent Inquiry and give the Chair the authority and power to do the job which will include setting their own terms of reference and to involve CSA and CSE survivors in the process much like the Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel (VSCP) of the Independent Inquiry into Childhood Sexual Abuse (IICSA). Telford has the opportunity to take its shame and become a leading light and a path for others to follow and Voicing CSA supports that model of change that can be a blueprint for the future. Ask not what the future can do for your past but ask what your past can do for the future.

Nicola Lowery Telford & Wrekin Council from Voicing CSA on Vimeo.

Phil closes the meeting and calls on all present to share their experiences, their pains and their triumphs collectively to make a difference to the future generations of children that will follow us after we are all long forgotten.

Phillip Lafferty Closes VCSA Telford from Voicing CSA on Vimeo.

Our next meeting will be in Rochdale.

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