Survivors Matter is a movement for change by survivors of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation their families, siblings, friends and anyone with a vested interest in bringing about change.

We are by and large a majority of survivors in the group and sensitive to issues that may cause upset, trigger and/or expose anyone to harm. We are an inclusive group and do not include political issues, (leanings left, right or centre) but work as a collective for the betterment of society and our nations’ children, survivors of all forms of abuse and all walks of life.

Many of the collective run their own networks, survivor groups and organisations. They are diverse in their range, reflecting society as a whole and not an exclusive strand. We therefore understand from time to time that some of the collective will face adverse press, positive media attention and attempts to shut us down, for whilst there is much to be done as a collective we are aware that fighting paedophilia, sexual exploitation, domestic violence, grooming, trafficking and so forth that there will be an opposing perspective in particular by perpetrators of such acts that we will provide support and help when the time comes and is needed.

Our gallery of faces and statements and whether they are part of another organisation will be included in the gallery. We will also be sharing recordings of speakers at our events without naming them unless they specifically let us know who they are and their background if they so wish.