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Voicing CSA and Telford

We have been made aware by a number of survivors of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation in Telford of the circling of journalists in the area. These journalists are seeking stories from survivors of the abuse they have suffered to sensationalise and to salaciously report with very little regard to the survivors and victims concerned. …

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Best Charity Film UK – #TheMouse

Voicing CSA is pleased to announce that The Mouse has been awarded the Best Charity Film UK at the Watchdog Film Festival in Brisbane, Australia – a festival that seeks to award filmmakers who monitor society and expose matters of social and public significance. The animated short film, created at Slurpy Studios, was commissioned to …

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The Last Post 2017

As we fast hurtle toward a new year that is 2018 I am reminded of all the events of the last year. The pitfalls and the highs because I cannot say it has been a wonderful year though there have been many highlights there have been the low points too. Voicing CSA started the year …

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Aviva Community Fund – voting open

With projects across the country entering the Aviva Community Fund hoping for funding, the Voicing CSA entry was accepted and we would like your votes. You can read more of our application then register and vote here. Community Funding offers you the chance to help us get funding for an important cause in our CSA …

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Voicing CSA Colwyn Bay

Voicing CSA held a meeting in Colwyn Bay on 2nd September 2017. And was well received by all who attended with attendees coming from different corners of the U.K. Considering the meeting was in North Wales it was staggering to see how far people had travelled to attend. Voicing CSA is always amazed how far …

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Jonathan Maitland makes an appeal on behalf of Voicing CSA

Last year Chair of Voicing CSA (VCSA), Phillip Lafferty met Jonathan Maitland, author of 'An Audience with Jimmy Savile'. Phillip went to see the play and wrote a review from a survivor perspective (under 'philspetition').

You can also View the video at Vimeo.

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