The Mouse
by Voicing CSA with Slurpy Studios and Collage Arts

Story – Katie Steed and Phillip Lafferty
Script – Chris Harper and Phillip Lafferty
Animation – Fern Bailey
Animation Producer – Aaron Wood
Animation Director – Katie Steed
Sound – Llamar King with Jonny Royall
Piano – Inês Müller Karanassos
Voiceover – Chris Harper
With Graeme Brookes, Emily Bowker, Freya Dominic, Mitesh Soni, Edmund Wiseman and David Whitworth
Production Graphics – Akil Wilson
Produced by Chris Harper

Special thanks to Donna Peach for the statistics of Child Sexual Abuse.

With particular support at Collage Arts from Preeti Dasgupta, Toby Fernandes and Jason Doorbeejan.

With further thanks to Duncan Sones, Steve Sumner, Slurpy Studios, Monaj Ambasna, Kwadwo Acheawpong and the staff and students of Collage Arts. Plus a special acknowledgement of all the speakers, attendees and supporters who have helped shape and develop VCSA to what it is today.

“Ask not what the future can do for your past but what your past can do for the future”