About our meetings

Voicing CSA is a region by region step forward by survivors of childhood sexual abuse who were drawn together through social media and recognition of the need for a stronger voice. It was through attending meetings in London, a concern grew as the inquiry started to evolve, to have a voice, your voice had to be in London. If survivors of child rape and abuse wanted to speak out and be a part of that voice it meant you had to have the money and the means to attend those events/meetings.

Survivors are everywhere, they are in villages, in towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom and many do not have a voice, they do not always have that sense of camaraderie, they are alone. The founder of Voicing CSA didn’t know any other survivors of sexual abuse in childhood.

Voicing CSA wants to change that and add those voices, to make a change to that isolation and to work together as a united group of likeminded individuals to be one voice of many survivors.

One voice that has a strength and sound that will echo and wake all of those that do not hear and to make a difference that will encourage the IICSA to listen.

We have to speak out and ensure that voice seeps through the walls of justice.

Many groups and individuals offer a voice as long as, we believe, survivors agree to be told what to believe. Voicing CSA is different, we are reflexive and will listen rather than dictate the terms. We are Voicing CSA and so are you, your voice matters.

Upcoming meetings

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