New Director announced-Mandy Coupland

Mandy Coupland from Nottingham was offered the opportunity to become a Director of Voicing CSA by Chair, Phillip Lafferty and Director, Marise Thomas and Mandy has accepted the position. We the Directors welcome Mandy as a new official face of Voicing CSA and look forward to working with Mandy at future meetings and also on the unseen work of Voicing CSA.

Mandy released a statement of official acceptance today.

“I would like to thank Phillip Lafferty and Marise Thomas of Voicing CSA for inviting me to become a director. I have always supported Voicing CSA from the start for one main reason when I saw Phil and the late Nigel Thompson’s vision to make change for survivors and empower others to speak out. For those who don’t know me personally I had the same vision when a homeless survivor came to live with me, Mickey Summers, and the issues he faced. We campaigned for change and protested together.

I have spoken out for those who were abused (in childhood) but didn’t have the strength to speak out for themselves, who were “shut down” by police and councils. I was groomed but had a lucky escape. I didn’t suffer the horrors that many of you have but I understand the fallout that this crime does to peoples lives and have everyone’s corner when it comes to showing my passion and fighting for you for better rights. I never back down till I get voices heard and changes made and one thing I will promise you all is my commitment for making life easier and pushing for better services

I do have a different approach to some in that I don’t butter the subject when talking to officials, I say it as it is and you always get the heart felt truth and my passion for broken people and to empower them to grow. I want councils and police round the table knowing they have to listen or face our actions as we will never back down and we will never be silenced again. I am looking forward to making international change together and thank you for having me on board. I look forward to promoting change.”

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  1. Jenny Greener ( mcpherson)


    I would love to know if Marise Thomas was a speech therapist with whom I worked in the 1970s.

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