Voicing CSA – Richmond success

The first official meeting of Voicing CSA took place on 13th February 2016 at The ETNA Centre in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

The event was well attended and a positive move forward to see that our message had reached further afield than social media, we believe, that despite being a fledgling organization, the meeting had impact.

The speakers in attendance had clear messages and whilst coming from different perspectives, all united in full circle to the same conclusion of engagement with the Independent Inquiry of Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).

The meeting was well attended with professional support of qualified counsellors, advisors and discreet security. Some survivors as a result of attending the Voicing CSA – Richmond meeting are moving forward to engage with IICSA and their journey of inclusion to our once only multi-generational opportunity that is the Inquiry will be supported by the legacy of Voicing CSA in Richmond by the formation of Voicing CSA – Richmond Support Group.

This will be set up over the next few months by professional counsellors and announcements will be made accordingly. The Richmond Support Group is entirely voluntary and will be free of charge for those that seek out support via regular meetings though funding will be sought in the future to ensure this facility can remain in place. Meetings will be announced within the Richmond Borough.

Whilst at Richmond the opportunity was taken for all the relevant paperwork to be signed for the formation of the CIC for Voicing CSA Phillip Lafferty, the founder of Voicing CSA and co-director Nigel Thompson.

Lastly, but by no means least, it remains for Phil and Nigel to thank all of the supporters, volunteers, survivors and guest speakers to our first meeting in Richmond. A job well done, thank you all and may our involvement long continue.

Our next meeting is 19th March in Nottingham.