Press release for Borough of Richmond meeting



Voicing CSA is an organisation that supports and campaigns on behalf of the victims and survivors of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation.

Voicing CSA is a survivor-to-survivor peer support organisation, run by survivors for the benefit of survivors.

It supports the general aims of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) under Justice Goddard.

But the IICSA does have certain legal restrictions under which it must operate. As a voluntary organisation, Voicing CSA has fewer limits and can reach out further to engage with as many survivors as possible. They are keen to reach out to all parts of the community in all parts of the country.

Voicing CSA will be holding its next victims and survivors meeting in Twickenham on Saturday 13 February 2016. This will also serve as a launch meeting for Voicing CSA in the Borough of Richmond, which it is hoped will then lead to the establishment of a local support network.

If you would like to cover this event, please contact either of the individuals listed below and details of the time and location will be provided.

However, please be aware that certain protocols will be in place to ensure that the safe environment that Voicing CSA assures victims/survivors is maintained and filming/photograph/reporting/recording will need to be in accordance with these.