Nigel J Thompson R.I.P.

It is with much regret and deep sadness that Voicing CSA announces the death of Nigel Thompson. Nigel passed away on Friday 6th January, he was 49.

Nigel Thompson sadly died on 6th January 2017

Nigel had been a driving force behind Voicing CSA and was committed to helping others despite his own struggle with the abuse he suffered in childhood. Nigel however, was more than this and leaves behind his wife Isabel and two teenage children George and Alice.

Nigel returned to Northampton as Director of Voicing CSA in September 2016 to discuss his past experience and life with other survivors and professionals working in the field.

Nigel was due to have resigned his position as Director of Voicing CSA due to health problems that were known by those close to him to be terminal. His family were with him at the end.

Phillip Lafferty, Chair and Director of Voicing CSA said ‘I have lost a dear friend and through our experiences had become best mates, my thoughts are with his wife and children. Without Nigel Voicing CSA would never have existed and I am eternally grateful for all his hard work and commitment to be a guiding light through our transition. I will work to keep Voicing CSA a driving force in support to survivors of CSA. Nigel will live on through the legacy he has left us. Rest in Peace my dear friend.’

Nigel and Phillip were interviewed in March 2016 by Soundart Radio. It is with a twist of irony that the closing song chosen by Nigel and Phillip was ‘Changes’ by David Bowie a recording of the interview can be found here:-

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