Jonathan Maitland appeal for Voicing CSA

Jonathan Maitland the playwright, author and broadcaster has made an appeal for people to help the work of Voicing CSA. The survivor led organisation was formed as a ‘not for profit’ community interest company to help survivors find their voice by Phillip Lafferty and Nigel Thompson.

Whilst fully supportive of the Independent Inquiry into Childhood Sexual Abuse (IICSA) Phillip Lafferty, Chairman of Voicing CSA,  said “It is great news that Jonathan has done this for us and whilst we support the IICSA our primary concern is helping survivors as we won’t have another opportunity like this to make a safer environment for the children of tomorrow and a degree of justice for past atrocities against children.”

“An Audience with Jimmy Savile” was a very powerful and thought provoking way of demonstrating the sexual abuse of children from grooming to its effects into adult life.

Voicing CSA is grateful for Jonathan Maitland’s support for our aims.”

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