The Truth Project

Voicing CSA met with senior members of the IICSA Truth Project on 23 March.

Voicing CSA and the Truth Project share a vision. The more victims and survivors can engage with the Truth Project, the better the outcomes will be for adult victims and survivors. Also for the children of today and tomorrow.

We discussed how some processes might be adjusted as a result of the feedback that we have received from some survivors. That assistance was well received and acted upon.

A particular focus of the meeting was the up coming Voicing CSA event in Altrincham.

Members of the IICSA Truth Project plan to attend part of that meeting to explain the various means of contacting them and the timeline towards the opening of an office in the North West of England for face to face testimony for survivors who require that.

Nigel Thompson, a director of Voicing CSA said: “Voicing CSA is determined to continue engagement with the IICSA to ensure the best possible outcome for all victims and survivors as well as children who are at risk today.”

He continued:

“It is encouraging that the Truth Project wishes to engage with us and also that a member of the Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel (VSCP) will be with us for the entire meeting.”