Voicing CSA-Wrecsam/Wrexham-Gogledd Cymru

Speakers: Lucy Fallon ‘Bethany Platt’ Sexual exploitation on Coronation Street with Chris Harper ‘Nathan Curtis’ Live link from New York. Steve Walters The Offside Trust. Kaz Gray Bryn Alyn and being a survivor. Lita Glover & Tanya Duncan Sister survivors. Holly Archer surviving CSE. Updates from Telford and Rotherham survivors. Donna Peach Isolation within communities. Augusto Gomes Getting your life back. Daniel Wolstencroft Shatterboys UK. IICSA explain The Research Project. Phillip Lafferty Geographical separation in Wales. Gofyn nid yr hyn y gall y dyfodol ei wneud ar gyfer eich gorffennol ond yr hyn y gall ei wneud eich gorffennol ar gyfer y dyfodol. Ask not what the future can do for your past but what your past can do for the future.
Brechdenau, bydd te a choffi ar Gael-Sandwiches, tea and coffee will be available.