Aviva Community Fund – voting open

With projects across the country entering the Aviva Community Fund hoping for funding, the Voicing CSA entry was accepted and we would like your votes.

You can read more of our application then register and vote here.

Community Funding offers you the chance to help us get funding for an important cause in our CSA and CSE community to enable us to make more animation films like our first film #TheMouse. Which you can view here.

Anyone who lives in the UK and registers on the Aviva Community Fund website can vote for projects between 24 October and 21 November. Read more about our application on the Aviva website.

If we get enough votes from friends, family and supporters within our community then our project could be entered into the Finals, where a judging panel will award the funds. You can help our project get to the Finals by voting for us! You have to register to vote, but you get 10 votes to use how you want. You can give all your votes to one project or spread them around amongst other projects. The choice is yours! So what are you waiting for? Register and start voting!

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