Voicing CSA Rochdale 21 July 2018

Chris Harper, one of our Patrons opens the Voicing CSA meeting in Rochdale and discusses The global interest that is ‘The Mouse’. Voicing CSA and the work he is doing with other organisations to make a difference in raising awareness of CSA and CSE. Chris has become a highly respected advocate for survivors voices since his beginnings in Coronation Street as that Nathan Curtis ironically as a perpetrator (acting) and now as Patron (reality) of Voicing CSA.

Chris Harper – Patron from Voicing CSA

Phil Lafferty, Chair of Voicing CSA discusses the timeline in Rochdale grooming and the lack of support and assistance for the survivors. The failure of the police, CPS and social workers to deal with the reports and referrals from Sarah Rowbotham, the policing by Maggie Oliver and the voices of the survivors.

Phil Lafferty- VCSA Chair from Voicing CSA

Craig is a CSA survivor and talks about his time in care, his experiences of Social Services and Crown Court and the ongoing after effects to his life.

Craig Hill – Rochdale from Voicing CSA

Louise waived her right to anonymity to share her story at the Voicing CSA meeting in Rochdale. Louise was abused from birth to 14 and talks about her life and experience and is a founder of the Rochdale Survivors Association.

Louise Moran – Rochdale Survivors from Voicing CSA

It was at this point in the day that we took a break and had lunch but straight after lunch we had a surprise message from a wonderful young lady who couldn’t be with us today but hopes to join us at some future events, that young lady was Talia Dean, who some may remember from X Factor last year (2017). Talia had recorded a personal message to those attending the Voicing CSA meeting and after that sang for us. We aren’t showing the message on the website as it was personal to those in attendance only and from Talia herself. Though we do hope to welcome Talia into the Voicing CSA community in the future. However here is the Mouse followed by Talia singing at home for us all.

We would also like to give special mention to Michael Hill who recently joined Voicing CSA as a volunteer. Michael is a survivor from Loughborough and contacted Voicing CSA after realising that the Chair was from the same town as him. Michael is the one behind the camera and filming all that goes on for the website. so thank you for joining us at VCSA Michael and thank you for surviving. We sometimes forget that there are strong words, passionate words and words of anger spoken and to attend and concentrate on what you are doing as a volunteer can be particularly demanding but the whole team welcomes you on board.

I would add at this point that there is much that goes on at Voicing CSA meetings that isn’t captured on film and that is why if you get the opportunity to attend one of our meetings then please do. They are free, you get fed and you get to share a day with other survivors and we are building a network of survivors across the country and indeed the world. The last check on the Facebook livestream and other media streams shows we have been watched by over 50,000 people worldwide at this one event and that number continues to grow.

The Mouse from Voicing CSA

Talia Dean sings ‘Never Enough’ at home for survivors and victims of Child Sexual Abuse at the Rochdale Meeting.

Talia Dean ‘Never Enough’ from Voicing CSA

Danny & Mike discuss the event ‘The Uprising’ at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, London on 29th July 2018 and the event takes place from 11am till 3 pm. #PublicInterest

Danny & Mike Rochdale from Voicing CSA

Dianne and Alex Nickisson share their story which spans 44 years from one generation to another. Dianne was pimped out by her mother to men to fund her own sexual needs and as time moved on her own daughter Sophie was sexually abused by an Asian group of men and the GMP and social care failed to listen to her she was threatened to remain quiet, they aren’t. Sophie is transgender and now known as Alex just in case you don’t quite get why Alex mum refers to Sophie.

Dianne & Alex Nickisson from Voicing CSA

Two paedophile hunters talk about the work they do as hunters. Due to the sensitivity of the work they do and the need to remain anonymous they can be hear but not seen but a very interesting conversation followed by a question and answer session.

‘Kong & Katie’ Paedophile Hunters from Voicing CSA

Dr Donna Peach is an academic Social work and critical social psychologist occupying multiple roles in eradicating childhood sexual abuse and exploitation in its many forms and brings together many aspects of the day with excellent analysis. Donna has been attending Voicing CSA meetings since we started and has only missed two meetings due to prior engagements but is considered by the Chair to be a valued member of our Voicing CSA community.

Dr. Donna Peach from Voicing CSA

Lee Williams is a member of a group called N.A.G.A.H. (National Anti Grooming Alliance Helpline) and discusses the role of sex education in schools.

Lee Williams from Voicing CSA

Chris Harper and Phil Lafferty close the meeting in Rochdale with strong words from Phil (warning contains a profanity).

The end of Rochdale meeting from Voicing CSA

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