Voicing CSA and Telford

We have been made aware by a number of survivors of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation in Telford of the circling of journalists in the area. These journalists are seeking stories from survivors of the abuse they have suffered to sensationalise and to salaciously report with very little regard to the survivors and victims concerned.

At Voicing CSA we have had close contact with survivors and victims in the area and we offer our support and signposting in order to help those victims and survivors and will play no part in sensationalism. We have made some of our meeting recordings ‘private’ and they will remain so until further notice.

We would also point out that we give no permission for the content of our recordings to be used by the news media unless you have express written permission.

We have taken these steps because we are about supporting survivors and victims of said abuses and not furthering their anguish at the current time. These survivors and victims are people, real people and not commodities to be traded. They have been through enough which is why they have contacted us.

“Ask not what the future can do for your past but what your past can do for the future.”

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  1. Anonymous


    What more can one say other than a big thank you to John and his group for all the help comfort and no doubt legal advise to the victims of this horrendous crime, John has had the courage to step in and offer help where governments councils and police have continuously denied that a major problem existed, thank you all.

  2. brian doyle


    abuse is a life sentence I was abused 56 years ago.and I remember this every day .it took away my childhood.i hope these girls get the justice they deserve I know us talking about and supporting these girls will help them they just need someone to listen to them.good luck ladies

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