About Elaine Hook

I am humbled and honoured to be a proud Ambassador of Voicing CSA UK CIC. As a survivor of 20 years domestic abuse which included coercive control, marital rape, gaslighting and love bombing I believe I have the knowledge expertise and compassion to work with victims and survivors of any form of abuse. I am a qualified teacher, lecturer and trainer and deliver workshops in child sexual abuse (CSA), child protection, safeguarding, child sexual exploitation (CSE), trafficking, FGM & honour-based violence across Yorkshire & Humberside. I have been honoured to work with Voicing CSA delivering talks to victims, survivors, agencies and the community in Coercive Control, Abuse of Power in Abusive Relationships and telling My Story of Abuse. I am a coach, counsellor, mentor and advocate working via email, telephone and skype. You can read more about me on my website where bookings and commissions are welcomed and listen to some of my talks: https://elainehookeducationconsultancy.com

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